Service Delivery Methods

Benefit From Our Mastery Of Seamless And Flawless Service Delivery!

We partner with F5 partners who sell F5 equipment and licenses to end-customers but do not have the necessary skills to engage in the post-sales deployment. In other words, it’s a win-win-win proposition – we profit from pleasing end-customers with our seamless and flawless service delivery, while both partners and customers reap the benefits of strengthening the bonds with each other post-sales.


BIGIP Training

All of our engagements include knowledge transfer of the solutions we develop and implement. However, if you require classroom-style remote training for your specific needs, we can provide highly customized technical F5 training on any of the technologies F5 supports.

Similar to our BIGIP Consulting SOW-based project engagements, we’ll collect your training requirements and provide a fixed-fee 100% customized training SOW, that you can sign prior to scheduling the training. All our training requires 6 weeks lead-time to give us time to develop the course material and lab scenarios. 

We will mockup all the scenarios that you would like to have training on in our remote NGNX lab. During the training sessions we will present the agreed upon training over our remote screen sharing, virtual white board environment. We will not configure your devices during the training engagement. Any actual configuration of your lab, non-prod or production environments will require a Project engagement SOW described here.

NGNX focuses on F5 BigIP technologies.  All our project resources have a minimum 5+ years of Hand on F5 BigIP experience, offering expert level knowledge on the full F5 product suite across all platforms. We can guarantee that no matter the size or complexity of your project we will be able to provide an optimal solution for your project or break-fix requirements.

NGNX will provide the most cost-effective, accurate and efficient solutions to your ADC requirements. We can do this by demystifying every aspect of F5


+Application Optimization