Service Delivery Methods

BIGIP On Demand

The best bang for your customers buck is through our BIGIP On Demand subscription service. The benefits of subscribing as compared to our project-based delivery method are a reduced hourly rate and resource engagement lead-times. There are 2 options for the BIGIP On Demand service: BIGIP Support and BIGIP Bucket

BigIP Support

Monthly subscription-based F5 support with preferential rates that can be used for emergencies break-fix, scheduled consulting, and after-hours support.  BIGIP Support can be purchased in groups of 25, 50, and 100 hours. With BIGIP Support you have access to our Emergency On-call for expert level troubleshooting support.

BIGIP Support is available in two contract levels according to the contract period.  Remaining hours from the previous month can rollover a single month only.

Services included in BIGIP Support
Reporting Abnormal Performance patterns
Reporting Abnormal Traffic patterns
Monthly usage and performance reports
Unlimited Reboots
One minor operating system upgrade per year
Configuration Backups
Notification for expiring certificates

BIGIP Support includes the following services without the consumption of hours.

BIGIP Bucket hours 

BIGIP Bank includes a pre-purchased number of hours that can be used anytime as per below table Matrix. Can be purchased in banks of 25, 50. 100 or 200 hours.

BIGIP Hour Consumption

Lead time Hours Included Description
Scheduled support 1X Support will be scheduled to the nearest available date.
Scheduled support on holidays 1.5X Support will be scheduled on holidays
Urgent support Regular Time 1X Support will be provided on the spot, during regular time (EST).
Urgent support after hours 1.5X Support will be provided on the spot, after hours.
Urgent support Weekends and Holidays 2X Support will be provided on the spot, weekends, and holidays

BIGIP On-Demand hours are consumed as follows:

BIGIP Over the Counter

BIGIP Over-the-Counter services is available to non- BIGIP On-demand subscribers that require emergency support.  The customer will have access to immediate support for any after-hours emergency incident/break-fix or during work-hours emergency or critically delayed project-style engagements at reasonable market fare rates.

If your customers decide within thirty days of their emergency engagement to subscribe to our managed service, we’ll credit back a percentage of their emergency fees into the contract.

BIGIP Consulting

Our project consulting engagements are fixed-fee or number of hours, Statement of Work (SOW)-based engagements. These engagements consist of:

  • Requirements gathering – Meet with an Expert resource to obtain your F5 Technology predefined requirements.
  • SOW creation — Within two days of call, receive a detailed SOW consisting of the various steps required to fulfill the project requirements.
  • SOW review — Make any adjustments needed to the technical details and terms.
  • SOW sign-off — Agreement of the terms and fixed fee associated with the requirements.

BIGIP Training

All of our engagements include knowledge transfer of the solutions we develop and implement. However, if you require classroom-style remote training for your specific needs, we can provide highly customized technical F5 training on any of the technologies F5 supports.

Similar to our BIGIP Consulting SOW-based project engagements, we’ll collect your training requirements and provide a fixed-fee 100% customized training SOW, that you can sign prior to scheduling the training. All of our training requires 6 weeks lead-time to give us time to develop the course material and lab scenarios.

We will mockup all of the scenarios that you would like to have training on in our remote NGNX lab. During the training sessions we will present the agreed upon training over our remote screen sharing, virtual white board environment. We will not configure your devices during the training engagement. Any actual configuration of your lab, non-prod or production environments will require a Project engagement SOW described here.