Is your network security keeping you awake at night? F5 tackles security from a number of fronts – NGNX has your back on these fronts.

Web application Firewall (WAF) with BIG-IP Application Security Module (ASM)

Whether you’re deploying applications you’ve developed internally or third-party web applications, on premise or in the cloud, the BIG-IP ASM can meet your security needs. We can configure the BIG-IP ASM to help you mitigate against the known OWASP top 10 attacks, such as cross-site scripting, or SQL injection or fulfilling your Payment Card Industries (PCI) compliance audit requirements.

Your NGNX F5 resources are application, network and security experts. As such, we can speak the language of all of your various IT departments to make sure we completely understand your requirements to maximize the potential of your BIG-IP ASM. We determine based on your applications and security posture the following requirements:

  • Do you have any sensitive parameters or information that is susceptible to web scraping?

  • Do you require a policy that learns automatically or do you require a manually built policy?
  • Do you prefer a Positive, Negative security model or a combination of the two?
  • Do you have any login pages that you require to protect from web bots and brute force attacks?

    Does your organization require a 100% Positive and Manual security policy? NGNX will ensure all of your application entities, including URLs, file types, parameters, headers, flows and login pages of your applications have been properly incorporated into your security policies. We ensure your entities traverse your environments from development, test, non-production through to production. This ensures that no false positives will occur once your applications have reached production release.

For PCI compliance audits, we can rapidly deploy a strictly negative policy and provide you with the necessary PCI reports within one week of our engagement.

Layer 4 Firewalling with Advanced Firewall Module (AFM)

Do you have an existing third-party firewall that is approaching end-of-life and requires refresh? If so, you can migrate your existing firewall rules seamlessly to the BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Module (AFM). NGNX can provide rule conversion from all major firewall vendors, such as Checkpoint, Cisco, Fortinet, and Palo Alto Networks.