Our professional service team provide wide array of services, from architecture and deployment to, cloud migration, app development, design, web services integration/development testing services, application security, firewall deployment, project management, project coordination, across many industry vertical from large enterprise to small and medium enterprises. We incorporate industry best practices and standards before submission, ensuring a consistent deliverable of the highest quality. We strive to provide professional services that fulfill all your business needs.

Consulting and Implementation Services:

We provide end to end implementation to the clients for new and large scale deployments. We expertise in requirements gathering, solution design, installation support, integration testing and go live/ production roll out.

Security Assessments:

We determine the security level by examining your network that are exposed to any potential holes in firewalls, routers and other network devices. We then assemble comprehensive reports that examine your internal network, analyze and give detailed corrective measures.

Security Design and Implementation:

NGNx Technologies team evaluates overall security for the clients who need a comprehensive approach to network. We help design and implements the appropriate solutions which includes establishing product use strategy, project implementation plan, device configuration, log and rule optimization, system monitoring, performance tuning, reporting, security incidents response enhancement and compliance demonstrations.

Firewall Conversion or Migration:

We have extensive experience with a wide range of commercial and open source firewalls. We can import your existing firewall rules and convert into new vendor firewalls.

Network Security Consulting:

Our network security conduct a complete risk assessment of your internal network and systems security controls, every device is evaluated for configuration back doors, Trojans, malware, and misconfiguration which can lead to attacks and intrusions from the outside.

Our experienced consultants can provide assistance on how to configure your product or services to achieve the best performance.

We ensure that your company can implement best practices with our professional services engagements.