BIG-IP Infrastructure

Introducing F5 BIG-IPs into your Infrastructure involves two critical phases – accurate sizing and deployment.

Sizing Your BIG-IPs- Hardware & Licensing

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Deploying your BIG-IPs – Base Builds

NGNX can build new BIG-IPs into your existing data center or cloud environments, for the purpose of

  1. Optimizing, Securing and Authenticating your new or existing applications.
  2. Migrating off of existing legacy F5s or other vendor load balancers, such as Cisco CSS/ACE, A10, Citrix NetScaler, HA Proxy or Fortinet ADC
With all of our new hardware or virtual platform base builds, we provide you a NGNX Post-Installation Report including the following items:
  1. Confirmation of your base build settings and their test results, including:
    • Custom environment-specific settings
    • NGNXs recommended settings
    • Industry best practice settings
  2. Analysis of F5 BIG-IP iHealth reports for all your newly deployed devices, included any suspect log file entries or core file dumps created during the build process.
  3. Layer 2 and 3 Connectivity test results. We work directly with your Network teams for establishing F5 Layer 2 and 3 connectivity and configurations that meet and exceed industry best practices.
  4. Proof that network failover and configuration synchronization is functioning. NGNX will guarantee that if any of the following items fail, that the BIG-IP system will remain available for your applications.
  • Any port on any one of the BIG-IPs in the device cluster.
  • Any port on any switch connected to the BIG-IPs in the device cluster.

This report gives you the confidence that your BIG-IPs are ready to start managing your production application traffic.

In addition to experience in deploying all F5 hardware models, we have extensive experience with installing F5 Virtual Edition (VE) on all industry leading hypervisors, such as Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware, Citrix Xen Server and the popular cloud providers Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. NGNX will ensure that your F5 builds continue to follow industry best practices for Layer 2 and 3 connectivity, high availability failover and synchronization, regardless of the intricacies and nuances of the underlying virtual or cloud environment.

Depending on your environment, we may make the following design recommendations during your base build engagements:
  • TMOS Version Upgrades – For your production environments, NGNX recommends installing version XX minus 1 plus the most recent hotfix, where XX is the most recent major TMOS version.
  • DMZ segmentation — For environments where you require logical segmentation, depending on our virtual or hardware recommendations, we may suggest deploying F5 Application Firewall Module (AFM), F5 Application security Module (ASM), F5 Route-Domains/Partitions, or Vcmp Guests.

Existing Environment Health Checks

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  • Analysis of your configurations for inconsistencies, misconfigurations and adherence to industry best practices.
  • Establishing base-line TMOS versions.
  • Functioning failover and configuration synchronization.
  • F5 iHealth analysis, including analysis of log and core file dumps.
  • High-level change recommendations, if needed, to address any issues resulting from the Health Check.
  • Custom TMOS Certifications and Upgrade

    Engage NGNX for deep lab certification and testing of new TMOS releases prior to deploying into your environments. We have extensive customized testing experience for setting up lab scenarios, testing and documenting of any of your required F5 BIG-IP LTM, DNS, ASM and APM features.

    We can afford you peace of mind that your new TMOS release will behave as documented prior to deploying in your unique environments.