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NGNx Technologies is a leading end-to-end cyber security and IT solution provider, since 2012. It was founded by seasoned professionals having extensive experience in IT and Telco consulting industries. We are providing wide array of services in Cloud computing, Network Security, System Security, Cloud Security, Application Deployment, Network Implementation, Migration, Professional Services, Managed Services. We help clients build and run successful cyber security programs that achieve business objectives through our depth and breadth of cyber security offerings

Our process includes designing, managing, coordinating, delivering, testing and supporting various complex products and networks. We have proven expertise in cyber security strategy, managed security services, incident response, risk and compliance, security consulting, training, support integration and architecture services. We can handle a project of any complexity and lead it to a successful rollout across multiple clouds or data centers.

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[content_icon title=”Why choose us” icon=”fa fa-question-circle-o” icon_effect=”3″ icon_style=”accent_dark” animation=”fadeInUp”]We respond quickly to your need and queries within few hours, we ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with our hassle free services. We are always ready to go extra mile that makes our customer happy. [/content_icon]
[content_icon title=”mission” icon=”fa fa-bullseye” icon_effect=”3″ icon_style=”dark” animation=”fadeInUp”]To provide comprehensive network security to the customers that reduces business complexities and protect customers’ transactions, content, applications and communications for connected devices.[/content_icon]
[content_icon title=”vision” icon=”fa fa-eye” icon_effect=”3″ icon_style=”dark” animation=”fadeInUp”]To become global client service provider, that stand out for providing top quality services which exceeds customer expectation.[/content_icon]
[content_icon title=”what we do” icon=”fa fa-book” icon_effect=”3″ icon_style=”dark” animation=”fadeInUp”]Our wide array of services includes cloud computing, security, application deployment, professional services, managed services, network implementation, migration and control plane expert.[/content_icon]
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NGNx Technologies, is best in class managed services empower its clients with ingenious and appropriate remedies that detects and terminate cyber threat instantly. NGNx is able to address all the security needs of small medium size and large companies and prevent data breaches. NGNx Technologies’ sophisticated, state of art security tools and resources ensures total security of its clients organizational structure.

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