Diameter: Comprehensive experience integrating various Diameter interfaces across EPC:

  • Policy and Charging ( Gy, Gx/Ro, Sy, Sh, Cx/Dx, Rf, Rx)
  • Mobility (S6a/S6d, S6b, SLg, SLh, S13)

understanding of 3GPP RFCs including RFC3868, 6733, 4005, 4006 and others

Architecture and Design of EPC infrastructure, call flows and interface procedures based on the business case

Testing and Simulation using Apache Jmeter, Spirent Landslide, IXiA appliances

Integration of DRA, OCS, PGW, PCRF, MME, HSS/SPR, AAADiameter Security – Analysis of customer’s network and recommendations regarding Platform- specific message filtering (GSMA IR.88), screening rules installation on DRA/DEA, AVP analysis and verification against known values. DDos/DoS prevention, out-of-sequence messages filtering, Route-Record validation etc

Transport fine-tuning and troubleshooting – TCP, SCTP. Packet capture analysis (Wireshark Tshark, tcpdump)

Subscriber Location Function – Layered External DBs with LDAP/REST/SOAP XML/Diameter interfaces

Documentation – High/Low Level Design, Interface Design, Call Flow diagrams

RADIUS: Integration and validation/testing of RADIUS feeds

  • Radius Authentication (RFC 2865)
  • Radius Accounting (RFC 2866)
  • Radius-EAP (RFC 3579)

Radius simulation and testing